Hongkong Poem


Whoever rides a tiger cannot jump off whenever he likes

A long time ago two brothers sat in front of their filled rice bowls
The smaller one owned the larger one
brightly painted, filled with a large portion
of rice and vegetables.

The bigger brother was always hungry
his bowl however,
was much smaller and of raw clay

When the big brother grew up
 he was afraid of his family
because of his weakness
 opposite the strength of the little brother
 with its colorful
well-filled bowl would despise

He decided to keep all the rice seedlings,
that his little brother had planted to tear out.

 „What use is an unfilled colorful bowl in frontof which one sits on an empty stomach „.

So he started uproot all rice plants.
But where the rice plants were,
they shot Copper rods from the ground
that belonged to the little brother
The copper began to glow

And the people reported
 what the big brother didn’t like to hear.
He climbed the high mountain outside the city gates,
because he wanted to convince himself.

„Only who has climbed the height of the mountain, can overlook the plain”.

He saw that a little copper glowed in his fields too.
He wanted to make nails out of it.
But he knew better:

“You don’t make nails out of good copper”.

How was he supposed to satisfy
this kind of glowing hunger?
He went down the mountain
and lit a thousand torches
whose smoke the glow should go out.

The little brother said nothing about it.
„The quiet one has a strong voice,“ he told himself.
Big brother knocked furiously at his little brother’s door.
The little brother’s wife warned against opening the door.

“The empty kettle makes the biggest noise and it cooks dry the fastest „

said the little brother
you must not be afraid
„But what if
the fear is outside?“ “

I have faith,” said the little brother and opened the door.
„You see, there is nobody there“.

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