Farewell and Breathing Change / Encounter Paul Celan

The one already dead
waxy thin skin
at the end of his days
or every day
just do some work
destroy what does not come true
will-o‘-the-wisp hammer
be Lenin and Stalin
lost, helpless child
a sacrifice that needs sacrifice
stay in balance powerful loser
Ship without a port
Ukraine does not answer
the oath of love
given in bearskin
he wants dead fill its emptiness
bathed in dragon’s blood vulnerable
looking in the mirror
nothing in sight
people out of breath
turn of the world
breath turn

Encounter: Paul Celan
„Half-eaten, mask-
faced corbel,
deep in the eye slit crypt:
In, up into the skull,
where you break the sky, again and again,
in furrow and whorl
he plants his picture
that outgrows, outgrows.

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