The Dilemma With The Toiletpaper

The toilet paper dilemma – fallen out of the roll

Encounters on the toilet.

I have to say this in advance: People who deal with the appropriate, correct alignment of the toilet paper roll are predominantly sensitive, vulnerable, and emphatic people. They often deal with their own lives, the meaning in them, in search of themselves. Not all; of course. There are also perfectionists who are said to have a certain compulsiveness. Research shows that the toilet roll philosophy is an issue worldwide. At least where these roles are used, respectively, people afford this luxury. Half of humanity has already been left out of this view for social and economic reasons. Studies have shown that about two-thirds of those affected place the roll in such a way that it can be rolled forward. Turning to the users.  Let’s look at the area that is relevant to us. I was recently at a party with middle-aged people. The toilet was frequented in the usual size and style. The way of toilet roll attachment was mentioned casually, I do not remember if man or woman. Yes, it was a woman who noted the wrongly hung paper. Yes, she said wrong. Her husband prusted a restrained laugh in which he brought out the words, how can you hang them wrong.   It still worked for me, he added. Does it work? It is only right or wrong, the woman replied. You don’t care. The women present agreed that there was only one right,  the men confirmed the Egal holder of the toilet paper roll. The number of layers is crucial. And hard or soft.  However, the opinion solidified that something in the relationship would be wrong if the toilet paper roll were an issue. Someone said a topic. There is no right  Lust in the wrong another. I look at what someone says and disappear to the toilet. Reports on his empirical  experience and  research on the WWW: The word toilet paper is often used in connection with the following terms: Corona, toilet paper, roll, bathroom, Höcke, Björn, boxes, football, hamster purchases. A popular application example: The role is empty. In this case, it is difficult to see whether it was applied correctly or incorrectly. A conclusion of the conversation: Right stands for female, wrong for male. A carelessly male-hung role would indicate a relationship problem. For example: „Pass my ass“.  Objection: Conversely, the complaint of this perceived as incorrect hanging could, even more, indicate a problem. Cause and effect would be reversed. The effect is equally the cause.

As a guardrail for relationships, there is a solution: a roller holder with a lid. Here the roller can be hung correctly. However, this does not prevent the hair in the sink and the incorrectly expressed toothpaste tube.

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